Love this product. I look forward to taking it every morning. Its been 28 days and I'm actually soo nervous now that my supply is almost finished as I feel so much better. Reduced inflammation. More flexibility and just a little pain as compared to before.
Shameera Vahid
Hi, I use this everyday and it helps for my pain in my back and hands, and the stiffness is also better in my hands because I'm working in retail and I can say it's good, help me a lot thank you.
Fransie Du Plessis
Thank you Flexofend™ for the kind gesture and sending me this amazing product been suffering from joint pains and stiffness but I'm using Flexofend™ for 17 days now and the pain and stiffness is gone thank you so so much for introducing Flexofend™ to me.

I highly recommend
Flexofend™ to anyone suffering from joint stiffness and pain. I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. Used every medication there is and nothing seemed to help until I enquired about Flexofend™ I used the capsules for 17days and could feel a difference. Ordered my second box and am using it, my pain and stiffness is still reduced. I can now do my daily chores. Thank you Flexofend™ for making my life easier
Shireen Davids
It works.. try it out for yourself
Shatadi Moloi
I have been using Flexofend™ for 7 days now and have experienced remarkable pain relief in my knees and wrists and also have not suffered any gout symptoms which were a weekly problem, and best of all my wife says I'm not so bloody grumpy all the time.
Daniel Schoeman
I used Flexofend™ this past month and just would like testify

that Flexofend™ has helped me very much. I have experienced the worst pain for 2 months. I couldn't get into my bed or car nor could I go shopping anymore. Somewhere a muscle or nervous fast-pressed and caused the severe pain. Fortunately, my path crossed with Flexofend™. Since I am using Flexofend™ the pain has gone. I can walk again, get self into my bed and drive my car, and can go shopping. It is simply the best product and I recommend it 100%.

Helena Catsman
Great product, at the age of 60 I'm running everyday 5 to 10km and doing 21km and 10km competitively. A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with the early stages of cartilage loss and arthritis, inflammation set in and therefore had to stop running whilst on medication. As a nutritionist and health coach I changed my diet to eliminate the inflammation and started Flexofend, 2 weeks later I had no more inflammation and started running again. I can recommend a balanced, alkaline type diet with this product to get at least a 90% improvement. For the long term I also recommend using Flexofend on a daily basis , absolute winner.!
Quentin-Paul Smit
I started using Flexofend in December 2018. I had a lot of pain and discomfort in my neck, back, jaw and hip most of the time, because of injuries. I fell from a horse and injured my lower back in 2006 and could not jog or do any bending exercises or work. After that I was also in a car accident in 2016 and had chronic pain in my neck, which gave me headaches every time after I jogged. I could not turn at night because of my hip. Since I have started using Flexofend I feel fantastic and can jog again without any neck and hip pain.
Lizette Marais
I am now 80 years old and had so much pain in my back that I thought the only option for me was a back operation. I started using Flexofend and after a while I felt no pain in my back or knees anymore. The doctors also wanted to do a knee replacement but thanks to Flexofend I do not need it anymore. I started using Flexofend in February 2019 and would like to encourage anyone with back, or knee pain or any other joint related pain to use Flexofend. You will experience great results.
Johan Buys
I have been using Flexofend for two months now, and got great joint pain relief after only 10 days in my neck and back. The cartilage breakdown in my neck is the cause of my neck pain but after using Flexofend for only one month I feel alot better. I am now pain free in my back, neck, hips and knees thanks to Flexofend. I can now lift my arm above my head, and I can now carry things that I could not carry before. I recommend Flexofend to everyone as it is really a product that does what it says.
Fransie Viviers
It works.. try it out for yourself
Shatadi Moloi
I have been using this for 5 months and I have no knee or back pain. I am even back at gym before my knee was so stiff now my knee replacement is on hold. an awesome product to use.
Sharon White
Great improvement in flexibility after just a few days
Christine Venter