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What is Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis is a disease of synovial joints; and it is characterized by progressive deterioration and loss of articular cartilage with concomitant structural and functional changes in the entire joint. There is an increase in pro-inflammatory biomarkers causing chronic inflammation in the joints which results in chronic joint pain, stiffness, swelling and bone enlargement or erosion.

How many people in South Africa struggle with Osteoarthritis?


  • 1 out of 5 South Africans are struggling with Osteoarthritis


Why is Osteoarthritis such a big concern?

  • No cure
  • It is a deteriorating disease
  • Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of chronic disability in people older than 70 years

The ONLY Joint Health Supplement who can claim this triple-action effect backed by published clinical studies (16 studies)

FlexofendTM contains 500 mg NEM® (Eggshell Membrane) which contains a natural matrix of bioactive molecules:

  • collagen I, V and X
  • chondroitin
  • glucosamine
  • hyaluronic acid

working synergistically together to support a healthy inflammatory response

How does FlexofendTM work?

  • FlexofendTM reduces several pro-inflammatory biomarkers responsible for the chronic inflammation and deformation of cartilage and fibrous tissue.
  • FlexofendTM demonstrating a substantial chondroprotective effect

Who can benefit form FlexofendTM?

  • People struggling with joint pain and stiffness such as patients diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and/or Rheumatoid Arthritis

Why should you supplement with FlexofendTM


    Cartilage and joint protection are clearly demonstrated in several studies. It protects cartilage against further deterioration


    70 % of patients experience joint pain and stiffness reduction in just 10 days

    Optimal tactility after 6 months of supplementation


    The Frost & Sullivan Award Winner for the best joint health supplement in it’s category


Where is FlexofendTM available?